Lowitzer FAMILY

John and Jo Ann Lowitzer

John & Jo Ann Lowitzer

Ali's Parents

John and Jo Ann are proud parents and are relentless in finding their beloved daughter.

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Lowitzer Family

While separated, John and Jo Ann continue to share a special friendship and genuine concern for each other. They, along with other family members, have also invested 16 years into their only daughters development and welfare. It literally only takes a moment after meeting them to feel and experience their genuine compassion for people and life. Even in the face of their own sadness or discomfort they find a way to share a smile and a warm heartfelt hug. They are the epitome of who good parents are.

The situation they face can simply be said, their baby girl is missing and they have no clue what happened. In their hearts, Ali needs them and they are committed to answering Ali's call for help. Not knowing what happened that horrific afternoon, where their baby is right now and is she alright, is a constant endless cruel torture that replays itself day in and day out, over and over again. Everywhere they look, everything or anybody they interact with reminds them of their baby girl and fuels their passion to bring Ali home.

A house that once resembled "Happy Days" and the Cunninghams is now a home grown command center. Instead of passing out flyers for an upcoming softball or girl scout event for their daughter, they are passing out flyers to find her. Instead of attending their daughter's graduation, they attend searches and fundraisers. Instead of supporting Ali with her after school activities, they are making items to help fund search efforts and raise the reward money in hopes of finding Ali and bringing her home.

You can help relieve some of the responsibly and stress they face each day by reaching out and helping them.
All of us together, helping in our own way, can help make what the Lowitzer's experience a little bit better.

The Meaning and Value of Life

The Meaning and Value of LifeThe meaning of life is quite simply to live. When we elaborate on that it leads us to the quality of life. We are all given an opportunity to live. We are all given pros and cons by our natural birth, the conditions that surround us at birth and the natural course of our life. As we learn who we are and what the pros and cons are that we are given to deal with, we adapt our life to make it the best quality of life possible, avoiding the cons and monopolizing that which fulfills us. No matter the circumstances of nature, no matter the frequency or severity of the cons, we all earn and deserve the right to live our life and navigate through it as we see fit to find purpose and fulfillment. No one should have their life's path altered by the negative actions of another person.

The value of life can't be bought by all the riches in the world. As time forges forward it takes us with it and we can't see all that lies ahead. The wealthiest can't buy yesterday and in a blink, yesterday becomes yesteryear. You only get one chance at life, one opportunity to fulfill your heartfelt mind and consciousness with the experiences and values we each deem important for whatever is next. Nature and accidents can alter or even take our lives at any given moment and everyone is a candidate. We are devastated by these uncontrollable misfortunes and try to create barriers to shield our lives from them.

But what happens when life is altered by the controllable actions of another person? Ali put 16 years of hard work, dedication and countless hours of preparation for the life that she predicted lay ahead. On a clear day, with mother nature resting, while Ali was doing as she was taught and as was expected of her in life, someone dramatically changed the course of her life. This is what all her hard work, dedication, preparation and responsibly doing the right thing got her. She, along with all children everywhere, deserve the same chances and opportunities in life as everyone else. The value of her life should be that in which she makes of it and not someone else's demise.

If we draw no other lines, when it comes to our children, we should spare no expense, no resource and no efforts when it comes to the aid, welfare and safety of a child. Ignorance is said to be bliss. For many this may be true when it comes to missing children, but it also means it may go on to happen to another child. That child could turn out to be much closer to home or even yours. To prevent means to take action that eliminates the concern.

Protect Our Children

Every human life is precious, with a purpose we don't fully understand or appreciate. An environment this perfect with humans of such complex design, there has to be a reason for each life lived. To stand in the way of this phenomenon, to belittle even one life is sure to have consequences, to alter or take a life is directly impacting that which created us.

We were given life by something we don't understand and we are smart enough to realize it. Why do we not put the same value in the lives around us as that of which gave us life for a reason? We should stand for, promote and protect each and every life lived, especially our children. To turn the other cheek, is to invite more of the same. Our children of today have so much to fear, so much freedom taken away, we don't let them do near what we did as children. When are we going to take back the communities in which we raise our children. Children shouldn't have to sacrifice or pay for the society we create around them.