Hope for Ali lowitzer

Hope For Ali

Hope For Ali is in Your Hands

The Lowitzer Family never imagined the day they would be communicating with people globally, reaching out to strangers, for help in their daily lives. They also never imagined or prepared for the disappearance of their daughter. Unless you experience dealing with a missing loved one, it is hard to imagine the toll and financial burden that is cast upon you, whether you want it or not, it is not a choice. It is like being incarcerated for the something you didn't do, because of someone else's actions, your life is changed dramatically in a negative way that you don't like, but have to face everyday. We can't do this alone. While we give 110% of ourselves day in and day out, it is not nearly enough. It is that overwhelming. Ali could be anywhere, the world is a very big place. There are several ways to contribute and we need your help. Please take time to learn more.

We Thank God Each and Every Day

To date, we can't possibly thank the thousands of people that have contributed to helping in the efforts to find Ali and bring her home. From neighbors and friends to volunteers from all around the country. From local law enforcement to local and national news outlets and their staff for covering Ali's story and spreading awareness. Everyone that has helped, has helped in their own way, some are consistent while others fade, but each and every one helps us get through another day.

Thank you for being our eyes where we can't see, our voice where we can't speak, our strength when we are weak, our courage when we have fear, our friend in times of need and our salvation when life's burdens overwhelm us. It is because of those that have contributed that we hold out HOPE FOR ALI!

Donate to Ali Lowitzer's Search Efforts

Donations Are Very Important

While volunteering is the core element in our cause, financial donations are needed, not just in Ali's case, but for missing children everywhere. Since Ali disappeared, you can imagine how tapped out our resources are. Money is needed for things that can't or are not generally donated, such as supplies, marketing material, equipment and professional services. We advocate not just for ourselves but for the Laura Recovery Center for Missing Children, whom have been both a God send and instrumental force in Ali's disappearance as well as Texas Equusearch. In cases like Ali's, it is a matter of protecting our children throughout our community, helping them in time of need and preventing the person(s) that is responsible from continuing to take advantage of our children. This story is about us, but the story behind the person responsible will be about others too. Because these situations are so uncommon, we don't prepare for them in life, society doesn't fully appreciate the significance and many are simply pushed aside and eventually forgotten. Not our Ali, we are fighters and we will never give up. Our baby needs us and our community needs protection from the responsible party. If your a fighter, if you would go all the way for your child, if you care about protecting the community from these types of CRIMES, get involved today. Ali and our children desperately need you.

Adopt A Missing Child's Cause

Adopt A Missing Child's Cause

Learn about the thousands of missing children, hundreds in Texas alone, you'll be supprized to find they happen more often than you think and No One Is Immune. Find one that touches you, like Ali (hint, hint), then establish communication, a method to follow the story and a comfortable means of contributing throughout the devastating ordeal. When you sit down to pay bills each month, make a check out for your adopted missing child's needs and as you lick the envelope and seal it, it will be the only check you wrote that day that made you feel good inside. To adopt Ali's disappearance, you can follow us on Facebook and contact us directly to make consistent donations.

Fundraisers: There is an unlimited number of fundraising opportunities.

Many have come up with some very creative fund raising events, from the traditional cookouts and bake sales to more uncommon events such as art sales and even softball tournaments. A few additional ideas are garage sales, car washes, refreshment stands, product parties such as Avon, Tupperware, etc. or even a party at home with family and friends. To get the thoughts flowing, This Link Has More Ideas.


Fundraises address the absolute two most important elements when dealing with a missing child. The first is awareness, sharing the story behind the fundraising cause brings the awareness to the minds of all you reach out to for your event. This is key to reaching out to larger and larger audiences over time as well as offering the minds of those already aware, an opportunity to revisit the cause. The second part is the actual proceeds that the event contributes to the cause, in the case of missing teen Ali Lowitzer, these funds help with expenses for needs that volunteering can't produce such as professional services, equipment, promotional material and supplies to support events such as searches. Over time, for the family, these finances can become overwhelming and at times discouraging. There is nothing more heartbreaking than feeling there is something viable you can do for your child in time of need, but the finances are not there to support it. Similar to having a child that needs medical attention where there are no funds or insurance to seek it. In the case of our beloved daughter, there is no insurance to help, maybe there should be.

If you're an individual or business that would like to hold a fundraiser, we would love to hear from you. Simply contact us and share what you would like to do and if you'd like us to attend. We can't be everywhere, we tried that for a while and it doesn't work, you really can't be in two or more places at the same time. However, when asked, we make every effort to participate in fundraising events to help bring Ali Lowitzer home and keep hope alive.

We could never thank those that have held fundraisers enough, we find ourselves speechless and humbled by the outstanding dedication, support, efforts and sacrifices so many people have made for us, with the fundraisers at the center of making things happen. Our prayer is that we will all keep forging forward. one day at a time, keeping the resources in place to do whatever it takes to find Ali, bring her home and STOP the person(s) responsible for causing this devastating situation. We are relentless in our fight and we will never give up, we need you to join our fight, please consider it.