The Facts About Ali Lowitzer's Disappearance

What We Can Tell You

Due to the nature and circumstances surrounding Ali's disappearance, there are things we can not tell you. But we can say, what we can't say, isn't much. There is just not much information for us to grab on to and find a path leading to our daughter. Let's start at the last known place Ali was, before disappearing, the school bus stop.

Ali's Bus Stop

Ali's Bus Stop (Spring, Texas)

Low Ridge Road & Knotty Post Lane

Ali exited the school bus at about 2:45 PM, just a few houses from home and walked in the direction of the Burger Barn. The bus stop and surrounding areas did not yield any clues, evidence of foul play or even any of Ali's personal belongings.

Ali's Route

Ali's Route (If she went towards Burger Barn)

Knotty Post Lane to 22772 Cypresswood Drive

Ali would have walked along Knotty Post Lane and turned on to Old Pike Road. At Treaschwig Road she would have turned right and walked along the shoulder against traffic to the Cypresswood Plaza shopping center, where the Burger Barn was located.

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The path from the bus stop to the Burger Barn

The school bus driver, students on the bus and the two that exited with her have all been interviewed by the local authorities and private investigators. The natural and only route from her bus stop to the Burger Barn has been searched as well as the surrounding businesses have also been interviewed a number of times. No physical evidence, eyewitness accounts or video surveillance has come from these interviews with substance, that the family is aware off at this time.

Ibrahim Banat

Ibrahim Banat

Burger Barn Owner

The family is sure Ibrahim Banat is the owner of the Burger Barn where Ali worked. It opened earlier that year and closed shortly after Ali's disappearance.

What happened at the Burger Barn?

While the owner, manager and employees have all been interviewed by local law enforcement, there are many that share concern, there may be more to the Burger Barn story.

We by no means insinuate or accuse anyone of anything, however, rather than embrace the family and law enforcement, the owner was very uncooperative. Law enforcement has not shared any concerns regarding the Burger Barn, other than to say they have not found anything criminal.

One would think that the owner and manager of an establishment where an employee, especially a child comes up missing, would be open, cooperative and willing to help anyway they can. This is not what our family experienced. We, along with our private investigator have been avoided, ignored and quickly dismissed in all attempts to be confident that our daughters disappearance has nothing to do with the Burger Barn or anyone associated.

We would hope that an employer would not have anything to do with the disappearance of an employee, but you never know. There are posts and comments by other parents that suggest that the owner was rude, mean and abusive to employees as well as other parents of teens that worked there. These statements do not make how we feel better, they make us want answers more.

It is said by the employees and the manager that Ali never made it to the Burger Barn and this may be the case. If Ali really never made it, we would never wish to place such concerns on anyone. But everything we know about the Burger Barn and its owners, leaves us feel there is more to the story.

The Burger Barn was located at 22760 Cypresswood Dr Spring, TX 77373 and closed only a couple months after Ali's disappearance. Google searches suggest that the Burger Barn and Ibrahim Banat are associated to Waqiah Enterprise Inc., which list Ibrahim Banat, Muhammad Banat and Muhammad Hassan Jawad as the Directors. Another tie is created between Ibrahim Banat and Ibrahim S. Banat which is associated to the Islamic Center of Strategic Studies which lists Aman Atteyah, Fatima El Mawala and Ibrahim S Banat as directors. The information below can be easily obtained by the Harris County Clerks website.

Assumed Names File # H95802
Unincorporated February 9th., 2010
Unrelated Business B397386
6223 Richmond Ave #211
Houston TX 77057
Same Owner
Banat Ibrahim Suleiman
13003 Bain Bridge Trail
Houston TX 77065
Burger Barn

Burger Barn

Ibrahim Banat, Owner

The Burger Barn opened in the Cypresswood Plaza in February of 2010. Ali applied for a job there in April and got it. After a few weeks she disappeared with her destination being the Burger Barn. A few months later the Burger Barn closed.

Waqiah Enterprise Inc.
Filing Date: 01/14/2010
File # 0801217529
Entity Type: Corporation
Filing State: Texas (TX)
22760 Cypresswood Dr
Spring, TX 77373-7121
Registered Agent
Ibrahim Banat
6223 Richmond Ave, 211
Houston, TX 77057

Lacking Integrity Creates Concerns

When the last place your daughter tells you she is going is an establishment like this, that lacks integrity along with the owner, it simply leaves it out there for the family and Ali's supporters to keep revisiting over and over and over again, until someone or something satisfies them. The deceptive names, addresses and associated business just add to the concerns. If you search the Islamic Center at the Harris County Clerks website under assumed names, it will just raise your concerns more.

The Lowitzer family holds out hope that those that live, eat and interact around anyone associated with Burger Barn, Waqiah Enterprise Inc. and even the Islamic Center of Strategic Studies, will keep their eyes and ears open for any information that may help us bring our beloved daughter Ali, home.

We are not insinuating anything, nor are we accusing the owner or employees of the Burger Barn, Waqiah Enterprises or the Islamic Center of any wrong doing. What we are stating is that interests still remain and until they are resolved we will continue to pursue them. We caution everyone to act responsibly and refrain from any unethical practices which includes slander when pursuing these interests.

What Has Resulted From The Searches?

Looking back, we can't help becoming overwhelmed with emotion when we think of all the searches that have been done to date and the number of volunteers that have sacrificed and participated in them. From search groups like the Laura Recovery Center and Equusearch to Search and Rescue Teams, we have had an incredible experience with our wonderful community supporting the searches to find Ali and bring her home.

Spring, Texas

Spring, Texas

Let's Keep Searching, Together, We Can Find Ali!

When we chose our house and moved to this area of Spring, the heavily wooded areas that surround our community and back up to our subdivision were part of the decision. We never considered we would search them regularly for our daughter and when we look to the woods now, we always ask ourselves, where are you Ali? She may not be out there in the woods, but what if she is? How will we know? What would you do?

The Laura Recover Center has been nothing short of OUTSTANDING in their efforts to coordinate localized searches for our daughter. From the very first hours following Ali's disappearance, the Laura Recover Center has done everything they could possibly do, however, they unfortunately don't have endless funding. We have had a lot of very positive experiences with LRC and even Texas Equusearch with the coordinated searches they have executed.

While our community is heavily wooded with lots of areas that suggest searching, the fact remains, Ali could be anywhere in the world. While our efforts promote local searches, we employ people everywhere to search in their local community, not just for Ali but for the thousands of missing people globally. From where you walk or jog to coordinating your own local search, it is important to our communities to know what or who is out there.

We can not and will not disclose where searches have taken place or will take place, we can't even suggest to you areas to search. There are legitimate reasons for this, but there are things we can ask that you do on a regular basis.

1. Know what is on your property, especially if you own large lots of wooded land. If it is too big or difficult for you to manage, commandeer family, friends and neighbors to help. You never know what you might find and not knowing could mean relentless agony hour after hour, day after day for the family of a missing loved one.

2. Walk public access land. We don't encourage trespassing and if you have doubt, refrain from searching. However, there are many open areas that run along easements, pipelines, waterways, parks and community property. If you enjoy walking or hiking, what better a fulfilling purpose than having the focus of our lost children in your heart during these activities. We don't encourage walking alone into secluded areas, so partner up and carry a cell phone.

3. Church Activity: Coordinate within your church an event that happens regularly and rally the members to participate. You can easily find the basics needed for search safety and proper procedures on the internet. Can you imaging what our community could accomplish with all the churches participating each week?

Want To Do More? Get Involved Locally?

Our search efforts to date have not revealed to us anything substantial with respect to Ali. In short, we are where we were the day after she disappeared. Searching for us is a double edged sword, either way they turn out, we are hurt by the results. There is one human torture that we can tell you exists without a doubt and that is not knowing where your child is. Not knowing keeps your mind constantly active with what if and what can I do. While this is all about Ali, it does have an ongoing devastating affect on her family and to some degree friends as well. How can you help locally?

1. Join the Laura Recovery Center and/or Texas Equusearch as a volunteer. They both need as many volunteers as possible. As a volunteer, they will communicate events directly with you for your participation.

2. Follow us on Facebook and we will help keep you informed in all the activities associated with Ali, including the local search events.

Searches will continue, however, the search and rescue organizations look for a reason to coordinate searches for Ali now. So we look for leads from the public and directions from the search and rescue organizations.

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The Bottom Line

We are reliving Tuesday April 27., 2010 over and over. It seems to be the longest day of our lives and appears never ending. We simply do not know much more today than we did then. Ali could be kidnapped, involved in human trafficking, held captive or be waiting to be found anywhere in the world. What you really have to consider is that someone has significantly altered the course of Ali's life, someone is responsible, someone is still out there, someone could be closer to you than you think. You are not just looking for our daughter, you are actively helping to keep this from happening to someone else.

We know our daughter disappeared without a trace and to date the best search and rescue teams have not produced results.

We know law enforcement and private investigators do not have viable suspects or even associated crimes regarding Ali's disappearance.

What path do we take? Where do we turn? Where do we look?

We need the public more then ever to get involved. We need eyes and ears everywhere and awareness spread globally.

We can never put into words our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for every person and entity that has contributed in any way with any amount of time, sacrifice, participation or monetary value. It is through you that our lives go on and our hope to find Ali, alive.

John and Jo Ann Lowitzer