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Ali Vanished without a Trace

Alexandria Joy Lowitzer

Vanished Without A Trace

On April 26, 2010, Ali got off the school bus and vanished without a trace.

The Lowitzer's are on an urgent quest to find that one piece to the puzzle, that one person that may know something about Ali's tragic disappearance and current whereabouts. An abduction, which has high possibilities in Ali's case, means she could be anywhere. She may even have been taken to Mexico or even another country. The fact is we just don't know.

What we do know is that if she is alive, she is being held against her will and urgently needs us to find her. Can you imagine what conditions and environments are out there that could very well be where Ali is? The parents, family and friends of Ali Lowitzer can't stop thinking about it and are determined to find answers and ultimately locate Ali and bring her home.

If she is not alive, we still must leave no rock unturned until we find her as well as the person(s) responsible for her abduction and death. Hard to say, hard to think about, but the reality is, if this person(s) is not identified and caught, your child, grandchild, niece, nephew or neighbors child could be next. There have been a few child disappearances in our area and our prayers are with them all.

There is no evidence that suggests Ali is alive or dead, but time and your help could make that difference. The family remains vigilant and hopeful that Ali is alive and they are very committed to finding her. However they are very handicapped in their efforts.

Help Spread Awareness for Ali Lowitzer

Ali's Missing FlyerThe easiest and most common method of spreading awareness with regards of a missing teen such as Ali, is to print and distribute a flyer that contains identifying information and a means to communicate as well as learn more about the missing teenager. This is commonly referred to as Flyer Distribution. Distributing flyers can be done just about anywhere, from door to door in, around and throughout your neighborhood, to posting in local area business windows. Some very common and effective methods are grocery store exits, busy intersections and major parking lots.

Flyer distribution gives you a personal, one on one interaction with the public and for many this is a very positive and fulfilling experience. The first step is identifying your target area and getting any permissions that might be required. Most public access locations will not have any issues with distributing flyers for missing children, as long as the surrounding environment is respected. Then, get your flyer ready. You can download our flyer or create your own in any language using the information provided on our Missing Flyer page. Print an estimated number of flyers for your distribution event and pick a start and end time for it. Consider a time with high volume traffic as well as not over extending yourself, keep the experience positive. Based on the time frame, plan for taking brakes as needed and keeping yourself hydrated. It is important to let others know what you are doing and keep in touch with others to insure your safety as well. We encourage group events for the safety of everyone involved. Then, execute your flyer distribution event as planned, keep it positive for yourself and know in your heart you are helping missing teen Ali Lowitzer and her family find her and bring her home.

Common places to post flyers are in the offices and store fronts of the following organizations and businesses: Chambers of Commerce and their members, local and regional law enforcement agencies, shopping centers, service stations and truck stops, hotels and motels, child related businesses, hospitals, doctor's offices, apartment complexes, airports, and rental car agencies.

Social Media

Search for Ali

Ali Lowitzer's Network

Family, Friends and Supporters

We thank GOD and are overwhelmed by Ali's network of family, friends, volunteers and supporters. We will bring her home.

Using social media outlets is an awesome method of spreading awareness about missing teen Ali Lowitzer in real time. There is only one real problem, keeping track of everything that everyone is doing. Good intentions are awesome, but can also cause oversight if not properly monitored and the information communicated to the appropriate source. The best ways to share and discuss the disappearance of Ali is to use the following suggestions.

Direct and funnel visitors and information to one of two places, Ali's official website ( or the Lowitzer Family's Facebook page at ( It is important that the person with information has the correct means of communicating with law enforcement, search and rescue as well as the Lowitzer's. So, post Ali's story anywhere and everywhere, but link back to the main website or Facebook page. If you are in a forum reading posts, look to see if the forum has the main website and Facebook page listed for people to accurately follow the story and communicate viable information. If you don't see it, create it and know you did right for Ali and her family.

Post Often. You never know who is on and who might miss what your post. Come up with creative ways to post and repost Ali's story without alienating your friends. One day you might post a news article, another day a video and another day a post from the family. This will keep your content fresh, new and help reach the largest audience for your much appreciated time and efforts. We invite and encourage posting anywhere, we only ask that the content be accurate and any links refer to Ali's main site or Facebook page.

Hope for Ali Lowitzer

 Please Help Stop The Count!

Dear Ali,

Your family, friends, volunteers and supporters all over the world are relentless in their efforts to find you and bring you home to your loving family. We will never give up and our hearts and prayers are with you, wherever you are.