Alexandria Joy Lowitzer

Alexandria Joy Lowitzer 4/26/10
Alexandria Lowitzer 4/26/10
Ali Lowitzer 4/26/10

John and Jo Ann Lowitzer

John & Jo Ann Lowitzer

Ali's Parents

John and Jo Ann are proud parents and are relentless in finding their beloved daughter.

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All American Girl

Ali was born February 2, 1994 and spent 16 years, 2 months and 24 days (5927 days) with her family. Mom, Dad and brother Mason, along with other family members such as her dedicated grandmother Mary, all participated in a life reminiscent of the "Cunningham's" on "Happy Days".

At the young age of sixteen, she was very responsible and participated in ongoing activities and events that build character such as girl scouts, softball, choir and art. Both Ali and her mother enjoyed participating in the Bluebonnet Trails Service Unit of the Girl Scouts of San Jacinto. This was something they did together and enjoyed very much, they were absolutely that close. Ali looked forward to these activities and events, with her heart set on an upcoming sweet sixteen party she helped plan for her friend. The theme was from the movie Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp.

Both John and Jo Ann participated in Ali's years of participation in local softball. Both in school and after school in the Spring Area Youth Softball program, Ali loved being with her teammates and any opportunity to play ball. On the one year anniversary of Ali's disappearance the Spring Area Youth Softball organization held a dedication ceremony planting a tree and adding a picnic table to Bayer Park. It was an experience the Lowitzer's needed, one of the many things that keeps them forging forward.

The Child and Friend We All Want

Ali's Artwork

Ali Lowitzer's Artwork

The Kiss

Ali drew this from a picture of her and a boyfriend kissing.

Ali loves the creature habits and comforts of home. She would spend a great deal of time doing artwork and is very talented. She spent time with her mother doing creative crafts for events throughout each year and invited friends to participate. She loves the outdoors and often went on camping trips with her family and fellow girl scouts. She enjoys fishing and boating, especially with her dad.

Ali isn't one to just hangout and do nothing, while she loves being with friends, she prefers to be active or participating in something productive. You wouldn't find her hanging out in a parking lot for kicks, but you would find her doing fundraising events in a parking lot for good causes such as girl scouts or softball.

Ali loves music and participated in the school choir. She enjoys singing and listening to music every chance she gets. She also loves animals and her dog Jamaica misses her along with the family's two other dogs.

Ali is uniquely different in so many ways, yet she has all the right common values that we all share and build our lives around. She spent sixteen years working hard, learning and developing towards her future. She made all the right choices and did all the right things all the way up to 3:00 PM on April 26, 2010 when somebody altered the natural path of her life.

Ali's life, behaviors and activities did not lead her to this devastating situation, in fact she avoided problems. Someone came into her life's path, altered it and changed it, not just for Ali, but her family, friends, supporters and all those that participate in finding her. Ali earned and deserves the path she spent so many years working on and developing. Don't let this person(s) get away with what they have done and help prevent this from happening to another child in our community.

Ali Lowitzer Anastasia

Ali loves to sing and it really showed when her favorite Disney movie growing up became the class project in choir. Throughout her childhood, Anastasia was a movie she loved to watch, over and over and over again. You know what this meant for the family.

Spring High School Choir performed the Disney themed event for a huge audience and did an awesome job. A proud day for many.

Ali Lowitzer Anthem

Ali was asked to sing the National Anthem for the opening of the Cleveland Rodeo. The Lowitzer Family was participating to help with donations for the event. Ali was very nervous, although she did previously sing the National Anthem for the opening of a High School basketball game. She did an outstanding job at both events, bringing tears to the eyes of her proud mother.

Do You Hear What I Hear

Words from the webmaster. I never met Ali. However through this tragic event, I have learned a lot of third party opinions about her which are wonderful accounts as well as befriending her parents. Seeing her bedroom, her wall of fame in the living room, media coverage and reading countless stories and posts tugs at my heart and through this I got to know Ali from third party accounts. Through this short clip, everything came into perspective, I now feel I know Ali and hear her voice calling.